About 237.443 billion miles are driven by Texas residents each year. Do you have proper auto insurance?

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Auto insurance covers much more than just crash. There are times when certain acts of nature may occur such as a hail tempest or a falling tree that may cause damage to an automobile and it would cost too much money out of pocket to fix these things. The insurance will sometimes charge a small deductible depending on the type of accident that has occurred, but the cost is minimal compared to what it would cost to fix an automobile on your own.

When you’re driving, it’s important to think about more than just your driving ability. In fact, you need to think about everyone else around you. While you may be a safe driver, it’s smart to remember that in Texas there is a person injured in a car accident about every 2.5 minutes.

Auto insurance is important. With proper insurance, you’re more likely to recover financially in the event of an auto accident. Consider some of these auto insurance basics:

  • Texas requires car insurance unless you are able to prove you have sufficient personal finances to cover an accident.
  • Texas requires you have a minimum of $30,000 coverage for bodily injury for a single person in an accident.
  • Texas requires you have a minimum of $60,000 coverage total per accident.
  • Texas requires you have a minimum of $25,000 coverage for property damage, per accident.

Is anyone who drives my vehicle covered by insurance?

In most cases, yes, as long as they have the approbation or reasonable belief from the insured that they can use the car. The insured is the person named on the insurance policy and their spouse if applicable.

There are some exclusions, so you would need to see at your particular insurance policy to make sure. Remember, everyone in your household must be listed on your insurance policy if they have a license.

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